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Wandering 2022
  • 7
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Wandering movies2watch

HD 7 150 min
Watch Wandering online free, On a rainy evening, 19-year-old university student Fumi Saeki happens to meet 9-year-old Sarasa Kanai in the park. Kanai Sarasa is soaking wet. She is separated from her parents and lives with her aunt, but she tells Saeki Fumi that she doesn't want to go back to her aunt. Saeki Fumi takes Kanai Sarasa to his apartment and they live together for the next 2 months. Saeki Fumi is then arrested for kidnapping. He is labeled as a dangerous kidnapper and Kanai Sarasa is labeled as a poor victim. 15 years later, Kanai Sarasa and Saeki Fumi happen to meet each other.

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