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Finnick 2022
  • 6.3
6.3 of 10

Finnick movies2watch

HD 6.3 85 min
Watch Finnick online free, Not many people know that every house is inhabited by finns. They are furry creatures that appear in human world to take care of a house and keep the hearth. Finnick is a young Finn, who doesn't seem to care about his responsibility of making a home out of the house. He is just making pranks on «his people» and that is the reason why none of the families wanted to stay long in his house. Everything changes when a new family comes to his house, where Finnick's tricks do not work at all, and he meets 13-year old Christine and inexplicable events begin to happen in the city. Finnick and Christine, who are so different, will have to team up and work together to solve the mystery of the events and save the city.

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